The first official award of a geotechnical contract from the
Greek state to a private company was made to “Geotechniki” (10/1961)

Following the founding of the GEOTECHNIKI Partnership by the consulting engineers George Sissakis and George Roussos in June 1961, the same consulting engineers founded GEOTECHNIKI THEMELIOSSEON Ltd. in 1965.

Since then, GEOTECHNIKI THEMELIOSSEON has been continuously engaged in geotechnical investigations, foundation engineering and geotechnical design as well as the quality control of the construction materials of civil engineering projects.

GEOTECHNIKI takes pride in being the first geotechnical consulting firm and soil mechanics and materials laboratory to appear in the Greek technical market.

Mr. George Roussos has been running the company since its establishment, while in March 2000 the civil engineers Alexandros Yiagos, Ph.D., and Stylianos Felekos became partners of the company.

The geotechnical engineering team also includes the civil engineers Maria Fougia, M.Sc., Nikolaos Kefaloukos and Stella Tzelaidou, M.Sc., five technical geologists, two CAD technicians and three laboratory technicians with significant experience in the supervision of geotechnical investigations and laboratory testing.

GEOTECHNIKI holds a Greek design certificate of the fifth (highest) class in geotechnical investigations and design and of the first class in structural design, hydraulic design and environmental design.

GEOTECHNIKI is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 in the following fields:

  • Geotechnical investigations and design
  • Soil and rock mechanics laboratory
  • Road and pavement materials laboratory
  • Concrete and bituminous materials laboratory.

Apart from conducting on-shore and off-shore geotechnical investigations, GEOTECHNIKI also specializes in the design of geotechnical structures and foundations of any kind of structures, like motorways, dams, buildings, retaining walls, tunnels, channels, airfields, embankments, sewage treatment plants, etc. In addition, GEOTECHNIKI has significant experience in technical consulting during dam construction and performs in-situ quality control of the dam construction materials by establishing and operating fully manned and equipped soil mechanics and materials laboratories.

Currently GEOTECHNIKI provides such advisory services during the construction of three dams (Litheos in Trikala, Schina in Karpathos and Asopos in Korinthia), while during the past few years GEOTECHNIKI has provided similar services during the construction of more than 20 dams, including the large dams owned by the Public Power Corporation (PPC) in Asomara, Sfikia, Mesochora, Platanovrissi and Gratini.

Seventry-eight (78) large dams of height more than 30m, or large ponds of volume more than 3 million m³ have been constructed, or are under construction in Greece. Geotechniki Themeliosseon Ltd. has provided quality control or quality control and technical consulting services for 15 of them (19.2%).