2006 Transport and distribution of the water of Lake Karla in Thessaly (MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, URBAN PLANNING AND PUBLIC WORKS)
2006 Extension of the central Pinios River irrigation channel in the area of western Achaia (Ν. MAVRONIKOLAOU – D. KARKASYDRETME PARTNERSHIP”)
2004 Rehabilitation of the sewage drainage pipe along the Athens – Schimatari motorway, Section: Metamorfossi – Barimpompi (EYDAP S.A.)
2000 Underground pipe network in the greater area of the Ferres and Doriskos farms in Evros (PERIPHERY OF EASTERN MACEDONIA AND THRACE)
1999 Irrigation network of central Xiromero in Aetoloakarnania (MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, URBAN PLANNING AND PUBLIC WORKS)
1996 Adjustment of Podoniftis torrent from upstream its merging with Kifissos River to Chalkidos road bridge in Athens (PROMITHEAS S.A.)
1995 Central sewage pipeline of Serres (PROODEFTIKI S.A.)
1995 Storm water line of Efpirides torrent in Ano Liosia, Attica (TSAMPRAS S.A.)
1995 Section I of the irrigation network of Ferres, Evros (TERNA S.A.)
1992 Irrigation network of Galata area in Aetoloakarnania (EVROPAIKI TECHNIKI S.A.)
1991 Irrigation network of Kainourgio, Aetoloakarnania (ERTEKA S.A.)
1991 Works of Kalloni salt lake in Lesvos Island (J/V FILLIPASSTEFANISMANDILARAS)
1990 Irrigation network of Tychero, Evros (PROODEFTIKI S.A.)
1990 Sewage network of Nafplio, Argolida (Ν. MAVRONIKOLAOU – D. KARKASYDRETME PARTNERSHIP”)
1989-1990 Supplementary anti-flooding works of Karditsa plain (MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, URBAN PLANNING AND PUBLIC WORKS)
1989 Priala pump house of Mpoida – Mavri irrigation project, Preveza (MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE)
1989 Pump house of Voulkaria Lake, Aetoloakarnania (GENIKI TECHNIKI S.A.)
1988 Irrigation project of Kopaida plain, Viotia (MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, URBAN PLANNING AND PUBLIC WORKS)