2007 Rehabilitation of Mesta harbor in Chios Island. Investigation for the location of the bedrock (THEMELI S.A.)
2003 Expansion of the Flisvos yacht harbor in Palaio Faliro, Attica (LAMDA TECHNOL FLISVOS MARINA S.A.)
1998 Foundation of a new quay wall at the harbor facilities of Psara Island (PREFECTURE OF CHIOS)
1997 Harbor facilities of Kardamila, Chios Island (Α. FRAGKAKIS Ltd.)
1997 Harbor of Mantoudi, Evia (AEGEOPELAGITIKI S.A.)
1995 Expansion of the quay wall of harbor of Galatas Trizinias, Piraeus (Α. STEFANIS)
1995 New pier for containers in the Alexandroupolis harbor, Evros (J/V MICHANIKI S.A. – AEGEOPELAGITIKI S.A.)
1994 Expansion of the “OLYMPIC MARINE S.A.” facilities in Lavrio, Attica. Construction of cantilevers for the vessel uplifting machine (GENER S.A.)
1992 Yacht harbor of Rhodes Island (HELLENIC TOURISM ORGANIZATION)
1992 Windward piers of the fisheries harbor of Keramidous bay in Fournoi Island, Samos (PREFECTURE OF SAMOS)
1988 Harbor of Kimi, Evia (PREFECTURE OF EVIA)
1985 Breakwater of Kifissos river outfall, Attica (HYDRAVLIKI S.A.)
1975 Quay wall of Kalamata harbor, Messinia (ERGO S.A.)
1973 Fisheries harbor of Kalymnos Island (PERIPHERAL ADMINISTRATION OF ATTICA AND ISLANDS)
1971 Windward piers of Alimos yacht harbor, Attica (HYDREX S.A.)
1971 Expansion of Skala Oropos harbor, Attica (MARINE FUND OF SKALA OROPOS)
1969 Landing pier of liners at Kerkyra harbor (MARINE FUND OF KERKYRA)