2011 Primary and nursery schools of Vari at Syros Island, 2nd high school of Paros Island, 2nd primary school and nursery school of Paros Island, Velentzio Cultural Center of Paros Island, primary school of Andros Island & primary school of Sifnos Island, Cyclades (EGNATIA ODOS S.A.)
2011 Installation of an inclinometer at the CEDEFOP building in Thessaloniki (EGNATIA ODOS S.A.)
2010 Child care centers in Agioi Anargyroi, Anavissos, Nea Chalkidona and Zografou municipalities in Attica (I. LAZARIS)
2010 Pan-Arcadic hospital in Tripoli, Arkadia. Addition of a psychiatric section (DEPANOM S.A.)
2009-2010 Eleven (11) child care centers in Attica (ILION ELLKAT S.A.)
2009 “Underground Utility Room” at the Embassy of the U.S.A. in Athens (EMBASSY OF THE U.S.A. IN ATHENS)
2005 Primary school, nursery school and indoors gymnasium in Skala Oropos, Attica (O.S.K. S.A.)
2004 Primary school and nursery school in Roupaki, Aspropyrgos, Attica (ILION ELLKAT S.A.).
2004 Indoors gymnasium of the Τ11Α type in Simi Island, Dodecanese (MUNICIPALITY OF SIMI)
2002 “Onassis Cultural Centre” on Sygrou avenue in Athens (OLYMPIC PROPERTIES S.A.)
2003 New building (Annex) of the embassy of the U.S.A. in Athens (EMBASSY OF THE U.S.A. IN ATHENS)
2003 Indoors swimming gymnasium of Agioi Anargyroi municipality, Attica (AGIOI ANARGYROI MUNICIPALITY)
2003 Rehabilitation of the former juvenile correction centre in Papagos, Attica (THEMIS KATASKEVASTIKI S.A.)
2001 Zacharios unit for the care of the elderly in Agia Paraskevi, Lesvos Island (ZACHARIOS MODEL UNIT FOR THE CARE OF THE ELDERLYTHE SAINT PARASKEVI”)
2001 Building of the company “Agrotiki Insurance S.A.” οn Sygrou avenue, Nea Smirni, Attica (AGROTIKI INSURANCE S.A.)
2001 Hotel “Apollo beach” in Palaia Fokaia, Attica (DIGITAL Ltd.)
2001 Building of the company “Audiovisual S.A.” in Pallini, Attica (VITON S.A. – GEORGE TZANETOS)
2000 Building of the company “KATHIMERINI S.A.” in Neo Faliro, Piraeus (KATHIMERINI S.A.)
2000 Building of the company “DELTA S.A.” in Votanikos, Athens (DELTA S.A.)
2000 Building of the company “Permian Holdings S.A.” on Kifissias Avenue, Amaroussio, Attica (GEORGE TZANETOS)
1999 Building of the “Sailor’s Pension Fund (Ν.Α.Τ.)” on Miaoulis shore in Piraeus (TERNA S.A. – VIOTER S.A..)
1999 Building of the bank “ETVA S.A.” in Volos, Magnessia (ETVA S.A.)
1999 Olympic Village of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games in Acharnes, Attica (ATHENS 2004)
1999 Rehabilitation centre of drug-addicted inmates of north Greece in Kassandra, Chalkidiki (THEMIS KATASKEVASTIKI S.A.)
1998 Printing facility of the company “Kathimerini S.A.” in Koropi, Attica (KATHIMERINI S.A.)
1995 Building of the library of the “Deree College” in Agia Paraskevi, Attica (HELLINIKI TECHNODOMIKI S.A.)
1994 Office building of the company “Pallas S.A.” in Kefalari, Attica (HELLINIKI TECHNODOMIKI S.A.)
1980 Building complex of the Communist Party of Greece (“Home of the People”) on Herakliou avenue in Perissos, Attica (TYPOEKDOTIKI S.A.)
1978 “BABYLON” hotel in Bagdad, Iraq (HELLINIKI TECHNIKI S.A.)